Order Some Custom Swag!

For any of the items below, you'll need to send Andy the details, since it's customized. Once you've made your purchase, send Andy an email at andy@andyfieldvoiceover.com. Examples of requests are below.

Customized Autograph (USA only)

The perfect gift for the FNAF fan!  A personalized autograph from Andy Field, on his personal autograph card, mailed directly to you!



Customized Autograph (International)

A personalized autograph - just like the item on the left, but with an additional $2 for shipping internationally.




Personalized Recording

A recording in Andy's distinctive voice.  Impress your friends with your voicemail message!  Send a FNAF fan a personalized recording as a gift!  Wow your co-workers with a robotic boot up message.  The sky's the limit!  Novelty use only.


Example autograph requests

Andy, this is for me.  My name is Jack.  Just send a regular autograph to the following address:  Jack Black, 123 Main St., Anytown USA 12345.

Andy, this is for my girlfriend Betty who is a big fan.  Please tell her something nice about her sense of humor and mention exotic butters.  Mail it to:  ___

Andy, please write:  To Zeke - Merry Christmas and stay exotic!  Andy Field.  Mail it to ____

Example recording requests

Andy, please record this:  Welcome to Jane Johnson's voicemail.  Please say your name now.  It seems you had some trouble with the voice recognition system.  I see what you were trying to say and I will autocorrect it for you.  One moment...Welcome, Eggs Benedict.  Leave a message at the tone.  My phone number is 555-555-5555, provider is AT&T, and my PIN is 1234.

Andy, please record this:  Hello Bradley, this is Andy Field, the voice of HandUnit.  I hope you aren't being an angsty teen and that you have a Happy Birthday.  If you don't, we may have to try a controlled shock.  Email it in .mp3 format to me at ____.

Andy, please record this:  Welcome to another exciting day at Alexandria Middle School.  I will be your personal guide to help you through the day. I'm a model 5 of the Handyman's Robotics and Unit Repair System. But, you can call me "HandUnit".  Enter your name as seen above the keypad.  It seems you are having some trouble with the keypad.  I see what you were trying to type, and I will autocorrect it for you.  Welcome, (Insert Personal Joke here).  Email it in .wav format to me at ____.



Don't include profanity or sexual references in these personalized requests.